AluSil International is an important supplier of carbon fibre tubes and glass fibre tubes in all kinds of sizes.

Composite materials are ideal for structural applications where high strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios are required. Using pre-preg cloth ensures that the exact amount of resin/carbon can be used to maximise the quality of the product.

Some advantages of these materials are:

-Low weight
-Corrosion resistance

Several combinations of carbon with glass fibre are possible. Our tubes have a superior surface quality and can be varnished, printed and tapered.

CALU is a newly developed high performance tube, combining all the advantages of aluminium and carbon fibre in one tube.

The core is an aluminium 7075-T6 tube with a cover of a superb quality of carbon fibre. This unique product has a very high tensile strength and a very high bending resistance against break. The product is environmentally safe and free of heavy metals and polycyclic-aromatics (PCA).

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