Silicone Profiles

AluSil International is specialized in the supply of silicone extrusions either in solid or in foam quality.

The choice of raw materials, the quality control and the continuous research enable us to guarantee a very high reliability for our products such as edge protectors, sealing and glazing profiles.

Product range:

  • Materials: Silicone and FKM (Viton)
  • Solid silicone extrusion
  • Sponge silicone extrusion
  • Compact / Sponge co-extrusion
  • Dual-hardness extrusion
  • Dual-colour extrusion
  • Textile or glass fibre thread reinforcement
  • Wire reinforcement
  • Metal strip reinforcement
  • Self adhesive tape mounted on the profile
  • Complete rings, frames and gaskets with glued or vulcanized edges
  • Fixed lengths

AluSil International does not have standard products but delivers everything according to customer’s drawing and specification.

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