Silicone Extrusions

AluSil International realizes silicone extrusions based on customer requirements. We supply profiles, tubing, cords and stripes for a wide variety of applications, manufactured on modern extrusion lines.

Our offer includes:

• Peroxide or platinum cured silicone
• Hardness up to 90 Shore A
• Temperature resistance from -110ºC up to +300ºC
• Co-extrusion (different types of silicone in one single profile)
• With metal insert
• Oven seals with metal clip
• Integration of threads to prevent stretching
• Transparent, glass clear or special colours
• Glued or vulcanized into rings or frames
• Inflatable seals
• In coils or cut to pieces
• With self-adhesive tape
• Inkjet printing
• Surface treatments / coating
• Electrically conductive silicone
• Fluorosilicone rubber (FMVQ)
• High tear resistance silicone
• Low-smoke, low-toxicity, fire-retardant silicone
• Metal detectable silicone
• Silicone with higher resistance to steam and chicken fat

Our compounds comply with or are certified to:

• EU 1935/2004 / REACH / RoHS
• FDA CFR 21 177.2600
• BS 6920
• 3-A Sanitary
• USP XXV class VI
• European Pharmacopoeia
• EN 45545
• UL 94
• EN 549
• EN 14241-1

Please feel free to contact us for specifications outside this range.

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